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Price List

Care Packages

Care packages are charged £20 for the hour with my vast experience & expertise I can offer anything from personal care to cooking to company.

Deep Cleaning

This requires extra elbow grease while I clean into all the nooks & cranny's.  This is where we clean deeper than in a general clean. Charged at £18.50hr.

I can also attend with another self employed cleaner to cut the time spent at your property in half.

All equipment will be provided but please note we do not lift ANY heavy furniture's at all.

General cleaning

I offer general cleaning at £15hr. General cleaning it covers all of the regular cleaning from polishing, sparkling mirrors, cleaning bathrooms & hoovering/mopping floors.

Products/cloths/hoover & mop can be provided for an extra £1hr.

End of tenancy

End of tenancy's are charged per visit. Please note if for some reason we cannot access or complete our job on that day due to not of our own fault the fee will still need to be paid.

Studio flats from: £110

1 bedroom flat: £150

2 bedroom flat/house: £180

3 bedroom house: £220

4 bedroom house: £300

5 bedroom house: £360

6 bedroom house: £410

These are all starting prices & property will need to be viewed before hand this all depends on the state of the home & how many bedrooms/floor space the property also has.

End of build clean

I can provide an end of build clean with another self employed cleaner so we cut the time in half that we spend at your property at £18.50hr & a minimum of 6 hours.

All equipment is provided. Please note we do will not proceed with cleaning if you still have builders in the property as this really holds us up & the clean will not be completed to a good standard.


Above are all prices that starting prices.  We do not do any heavy lifting at all of furniture's so if you need cleaning underneath of furniture's please make sure someone is present when we are cleaning.  We appreciate also with end of tenancy & end of build cleans that there are no or little furniture's in property. 


Please also note we get fully booked up quickly so please do not expect u to be able to fit you in last minute.

If you book in with us & pay per visit but we cannot finish due to your own unforeseen circumstances the payment shall still be expected.


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